Futures Unlocked is an established multi-faith and non-faith Community Chaplaincy working in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull to increase community safety, reduce re-offending and strengthen our communities.  

We are an inclusive organisation, which encourages volunteer involvement and works with clients from all backgrounds.

Our Projects -

Core mentoring

1 to 1 mentoring support, provided by trained volunteers, to men and women who are already in the community or are returning from out of area prisons across the range of pathways to desistance. Out of area cases will usually include pre-release meetings and may include a gate pick up. Mentors have the supervising guidance of Chaplains when working with their clients in the community. Core mentoring lasts between 6 and 12 months.

Through the Gate

Specific to designated resettlement prisons (HMPs Hewell and Featherstone) this project (entitled Meet and Mentor) operates via the Community Rehabilitation Company and involves a pre-release meeting, gate pick up and community meetings over 3 months again with a volunteer mentor as in core mentoring.


Designed to support the families of prisoners, this project provides mentoring support to partners and children while they await the release of a prisoner and for the time immediately after release. This mentoring usually lasts for approx. 6 months.

HMP Onley/Quaker Friends House

This is a bespoke project where we offer a gate pick up at our local prison HMP Onley (which is a London resettlement prison) and transport to the local train station for prisoners indentified by the resettlement team as being vulnerable to the journey. A volunteer from the Quaker headquarters, Friends House (which is directly opposite the arrival station, Euston)  will meet at the other end and ensure refreshment and safe onward travel for the client.