Without the financial support of our partners and friends we would not be able to deliver the pathway actions for our clients which positively impact on their futures.

Our principal partners

We work with and are funded by a number of organisations and agencies -

The National Lottery Community Fund

We have funding support from the National Lottery to roll out and expand our work across the county and beyond


We work with YSS to deliver the Meet and Mentor (Through the Gate) project in our resettlement prisons Hewell and Featherstone and are funded by the relevant Community Rehabilitation Company.

Office for Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

We are funded by the OPCC to deliver mentoring to out of area clients and our family project.

National Probation Service and Community Safety Partnerships across the county

We are funded by NPS and various CSPs to provide core mentoring to high risk clients.

Our other supporters

We greatly benefit from the financial, emotional and spiritual support of faith groups in the area. We have been helped by local Rotary  and Lions Clubs who have contributed thousands of pounds to specific welfare requests we make on our clients behalf. We also have individuals supporting, either by monthly direct payments, or by fundraising activities.