I was serving my sentence in HMP Usk. I was very unsure about my release, as I have autism and have been in prison for a number of years. I am not able easily to relate to people.  Philip, a chaplain from Futures Unlocked came to see me and discussed everything with me. I was going to some probation Approved Premises in Leamington. It was good to have a face to put to a name in those few days before release. When I was in the AP I met regularly with my mentor Jackie and we did a lot of social things. She introduced me to a pottery modelling club and she came with me to it. She even took me to the theatre as I like plays. She helped me in all sorts of ways - getting my full benefits, a move on address, cooking utensils. I was also able to volunteer at the café Moriarty's which Futures Unlocked were running. Jackie also did some cooking skills training with me for when I moved on to my own place, which I did after nine months in the AP. John, the Chaplain, also took me to appointments in Birmingham.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all at Futures Unlocked for the help they gave me. I do not know what I would have done without them.