I have been helped by Futures Unlocked for over 2 years. I was arrested and convicted of assault on my wife and as a result there was a restraining order put on me. I had nowhere to live and when I was referred to Futures Unlocked I was sleeping in a park in town. I am 58 with cancer in remission and a Type 1 diabetic. They got me temporarily housed by the council and while I was there we worked on some other accommodation. They found some funding for the deposit and I was able to move in. They helped with my PIP claim and while this was all going on they would take me to my doctor's which was about 10 miles away from where I was living so I could get my medication. On more than 1 occasion I was hospitalised and my mentor looked after my dog for me. Because of the restraining order I could not deal with the sale of the matrimonial home, so Futures Unlocked arranged a court order to allow them to communicate with my wife on the sale. That was eventually concluded.

I honestly think I would be dead if it was not for Futures Unlocked and the support they gave me.