Through the Gate referral

I have a long record of offending. I suffer with ADHD and have a brain tumour. I am a victim to bullying and I agree I make poor friends. I was living on my own, but really struggled to cope. I am preyed on by others, and will quickly fall back into  using alcohol and drugs to excess. Futures Unlocked have worked with me on more than one occasion. I was seen in prison by one of the Chaplains, Phil, and I got a lift back with him to my home town on the day I came out. Very shortly after, because people were staying at my place even though I did not want them to, I was under notice to quit and, also I was not managing my money, because people were always asking to borrow from me. By this time I was working with a mentor. Colin, my mentor, really worked hard with me - taking me to my council appointments and going to professional meetings about me. He also sorted out my GP. We would meet at least every week and my mum would come along as well, after this was agreed with Colin and Futures Unlocked. Colin helped sort out my budget, my meds and best thing of all was able to help in getting me other housing out of my old area which meant I was not victimised and could look after myself better. At the exit meeting I said

If I could score the support 11 out of 10, I would.