Often, our clients do not have the neccessaries to have a good life when leaving prison - a place to sleep, clothes, a bank account, photo ID and sometimes even food.

Can you help to provide the things our clients may need having walked through the prison gate - every penny counts no matter how big the sum or how small.

What might a client need?

  • a basic mobile phone so that client and Futures Unlocked can keep in touch.
  • though it is right that the Homelessness Reduction Act is intended to reduce the risk of homlessness, it is not a catch-all and an emergency tent may be needed so the client will no longer have to sleep without shelter at night.
  • Universal Credit does not necessarily provide for immediate support and any advance payment is a loan repayable from future payments. A client could well need some provisions to survive the first few days.
  • In the happy instance where a client gets work she/he may need some work clothes.
  • A provisonal driving licence as photo ID.